Amomax Polymer Mollefäste Svart

Amomax Polymer Mollefäste Svart

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Mollefäste som passar Amomax polymer hölster och många andra märken. Monteras enkelt på alla molle fästen som tex västar, legrigs mm. Gjorda i samma polymer av god kvalité.


Amomax Hölster

AMOMAX is basically a system of mutually compatible holsters, pouches and accessories dedicated to the most popular replicas: Glocks, the Colt 1911 or the Beretta M92. The holsters themselves are made of a durable polymer that provides strength and flexibility over a wide temperatures range. The standard fin used to attach them to a belt is made of soft silicone. Interestingly - the holsters were specially designed for replicas - hence the degree to which they fit and keep a "weapon" inside is better than in other common copies of gun holsters. Versions for right and left handed shooters are available.

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