Amomax Polymer Magasin hölster Glock 17

Amomax Polymer Magasin hölster Glock 17

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Amomax magasinhölster för Glock 17, 18, 19 mfl…

Magasinhölstret sitter riktigt bra pga sin ”paddel” konstruktion.

Det går även att ta av fästet och montera hölstret på en benplatta, mollefäste, bältesclip osv.


Amomax Hölster

AMOMAX is basically a system of mutually compatible holsters, pouches and accessories dedicated to the most popular replicas: Glocks, the Colt 1911 or the Beretta M92. The holsters themselves are made of a durable polymer that provides strength and flexibility over a wide temperatures range. The standard fin used to attach them to a belt is made of soft silicone. Interestingly - the holsters were specially designed for replicas - hence the degree to which they fit and keep a "weapon" inside is better than in other common copies of gun holsters. Versions for right and left handed shooters are available.

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