ASP BreakAway Subcway Cap

ASP BreakAway Subcway Cap

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BreakAway Subcap skapar en enklare möjlighet att ta sig in igenom glas med hjälp av tre stycken keramiska piggar. De keramiska piggarna krossar enkelt härdat glas och med rätt teknik tar man sig vid behov genom framrutan på en bil. Gängas enkelt på änden av batongen den ersätter det ordinarie ändstycket vilket gör batongen ca 2 cm längre än normalt.

Passar inte till batongerna i Talon-serien!



ASP was founded in 1976 by Kevin Parsons, PhD (Police Management). Dr. Parsons began his career as a police academy instructor in firearms and defense tactics, and later designed use-of-force training systems for major law enforcement clients across the country. Company leadership is rounded out by a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in diverse areas including law enforcement and military, manufacturing and product development, sales and marketing, finance, logistics, technology and more. The team coordinates the activities of ASP employees around the world, all dedicated to the mission of producing and distributing the finest products of their kind, and supporting them with the best service in the industry.

The Expandable Batons

Our flagship product—so legendary and dominant in the field that a law enforcement officer is likely to refer to any baton simply with the word “asp”... though there is only one true, original ASP® brand. And with over 60 different combinations of mechanism, size, materials and finish, there’s an ASP Baton for every officer, agency and mission.

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