Tactical Foodpack Pasta och Grönsaker

Tactical Foodpack Pasta och Grönsaker

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– Tactical Foodpack® originates from the actual needs and requests of the Special Forces Units of different countries
– for operations in crisis situations for outdoor adventures
– high energy foodpack with small weight
– 100% natural ingredients no additives no flavour enhancers
– designed and produced in accordance of principle of Special Forces ”Don′t f… with the food!”
– meals are based on a freeze-dried technology that will preserve the flavor consistency and nutrients
– 5 years shelf-life from production
– meals are ready to eat in less than 10 minutes
– preparation with hot or cold water
– enjoy your meal directly from pouch

pasta (42%) (wheat water curcuma) pepper (11%) carrots (11%) onions (73%) beans (73%) tomatoes (73%) cream cheese cream garlic olives (44%) basil parsley salt spices
All ingredients are freeze-dried.


Tactical Foodpack

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